Earn Money with Turbobit

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Earn Money with Turbobit

Share your files with us and earn money for every unique download!

Rates per 1,000 unique downloads:

File size
Rate, $
1Mb .. 4Mb - $3
5Mb .. 9Mb - $4
10Mb .. 49Mb - $6
50Mb .. 99Mb - $7
100Mb .. 249Mb - $9
250Mb .. 1500Mb - $12
1500Mb .. 100Gb - $15

  • "golden partners" receive an additional 20% of the value of Turbo-access purchased on thir files (after operator commission);
You will get money from partners introduced by you and also from people that are brought by your partners.

In this case they make all the payouts from their own revenue.

You will get:
  • Up to 20% of income from your 1st level partners;
  • Up to 5% of income from your 2nd level partners.

Earn Money with Turbobit

Earn money from Hotfile

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Earn money while uploading and sharing your files with your friends. Their affiliate program is open for every registered member in their site. They have a flexible rate for each of your files.

Rank 5-50 MB
50 - 100 MB 100 - 2000 MB

Copper $2 $3 $4
Bronze $3 $5 $7
Silver $5 $7 $10
Gold $6 $9 $12
Platinium $7 $10 $15


All uploader accounts are checked daily for their performance during the last 14 days. If necessary your status will be changed and your file's downloads will be credited according to the table above.

Your status mainly depends on your conversion ratio which includes:
  • 1. The ratio of the users that downloaded your files and the users that become premium based on your uploaded files.
  • 2. The ratio of uploaded files to number of downloads.
Hotfile are trying to encourage the good promoters by increasing their earnings and to reduce the earnings for uploaders that mainly use the free hotfile resources for storage.

Pay you 20% from the money earned from affiliates who you referred to the HotFile.com